Mision Statement
Our mission is to assist homebound, physically challenged senior citizens with limited financial means to stay in their home as long as practically possible and to live longer, healthier, higher quality lives by facilitating the provision of and subsidizing the cost of  private duty personal attendant services related to  private duty care, companion care, personal care, homemaking services, transportation, assistance with paying bills and home maintenance and by providing education and access to resources that will allow such senior citizens to identify and use related programs and services to obtain assistance needed to allow them to stay in their home.

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Hands to Help Seniors, Inc. vision is where no senior citizen living at home will go without support due to monetary constraints. 

Vision Statement
Core Values and Principles
At the Hands to Help Seniors, Inc., we hold ourselves accountable for creating a healthy, safe environment for the senior citizens within our community.
When making decisions at Hands to Help Seniors, Inc., the board, staff and volunteers will be accountable for and conscious of the following:

Principle #1:  Accomplish what we hold ourselves accountable for.
Our actions and decisions will begin with the positive desired end results in mind, working backwards to determine the cause-and-effect conditions that will create those results. 
Principle #2:  Build to create our future, every day, whether we do so consciously or not.
We will favor decisions that create long term improvement for our communities over short term expediency for the Institute or the individuals and organizations we serve. 
Principle #3:  We are all interconnected and interdependent, whether we acknowledge that or not.
Both our internal work and our work with individuals, organizations and communities will inspire and encourage cooperation. 
The best decision will be the decision that provides the best end result for the highest number of our program participants and the communities we serve. If it is not good for everyone affected, it is not good for Hands to Help Seniors, Inc. 
Any action taken at Hands to Help Seniors, Inc. will treat all parties involved with respect, compassion, generosity, humanity, grace... and fun! 
Hands to Help Seniors, Inc. will encourage all Social Sectors to work side by side, to share in each other’s wisdom, and effect greater change. The Institute will further encourage reaching beyond the sector, to ensure the whole community shares ownership of and responsibility for the future we are creating. 
Principle #4:  Walking the talk of our values.
Hands to Help Seniors, Inc. will model the behaviors we want to see in others in the decisions we make and the actions we take. 
Hands to Help Seniors, Inc. will be explicit when doing so, to be clear that it is not only practical but creates stronger internal AND external results when we are walking the talk of our values. 
Principle #5: Strength builds upon our strengths, not our weaknesses.
We will encourage individuals and groups to draw on their own wisdom and experience, acknowledging that most often, people have the answers inside them, waiting to be tapped. 
We will encourage individuals and groups to see the abundance of resources they already have at their fingertips, helping them identify ways to build upon that asset base. 
Principle #6:  Individuals will go where systems lead them.
The methods we use and teach will aim individuals and groups at their highest potential. 
The methods we use and teach will inspire rather than prescribe. They will encourage and engage rather than “tell.” They will be rooted in high expectations for extraordinary results, rather than assumptions about what individuals or groups “should do.” 
The methods we use and teach will be simple enough that they can be maintained without the ongoing need for consulting or other assistance. 
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